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Advantages of Timber Floors in Cafes

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The average cafe floor is subjected to a huge amount of foot traffic on a daily basis and therefore it is inevitable that it will suffer damage over time. Having to replace the flooring in a cafe is not only disruptive to business but also costly and messy, therefore it is imperative that the best materials be used to insure long-lasting benefits. A good quality timber floor can last for decades. Check this out


A timber floor will not only look very attractive but is very durable and will stand up to the wear and tear it will face every day the cafe is open. Not only from numerous feet walking over it but also the scrapes of chair and table legs, and the occasional spill of food and hot or cold liquids.


Tile and linoleum can become extremely slippery due to being polished and buffed, and this can leave a cafe owner liable to prosecution should a customer take a tumble and suffer serious injury. A timber floor offers more resistance thereby greatly reducing the chance that a customer will slip regardless of the footwear they are wearing. Women in high heels are particularly susceptible to slipping and will often avoid cafes with slippery tile floors for just that reason.

Timber floors are easy to keep clean and do not harbor odors or stains. Spills should be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly and then sweeping or vacuuming after the cafe is closed should only take minutes and will have the floor looking clean again ready for another busy day tomorrow. The appearance of a timber floor often improves with age and takes little maintenance to keep it looking good.


Unlike tile, which will crack and require replacement, a timber floor can withstand having plates and cups dropped on it without causing irreparable damage, something that happens quite regularly in a busy cafe. Ceramic items are less likely to break upon impact with a timber floor compared to tile or concrete. Provided spills are thoroughly wiped up in a timely manner, a timber floor will not suffer any deterioration.


A timber floor offers a softer surface to walk on than tile or concrete, which is a huge bonus for staff members who are required to stand and / or walk around for long periods of time. Wait staff in particular can find themselves suffering from very sore legs and feet if subjected to walking or standing on a hard surface for too many hours. A timber floor in a cafe is a better choice for this reason alone.


Timber floors can be reconditioned in a very short time. A thorough floor sanding to resurface, staining if desired and a coat of polyurethane to provide a protective covering will have a timber floor looking just as good as it did when it was first installed. Often this can be done during the hours that a cafe is closed, thereby insuring that business is not negatively impacted in any way. Refinishing a timber floor is far less costly than a total floor replacement. Click here to Contact.

Benefits of cafes

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There is no sense in denying what is apparent, but cafes have evolved over the years to become crucial aspects of the contemporary societal setting. Simply put, these types of places provide an excellent solution to gain access to their favorite beverages easily, and they can also complete various other important tasks as well. It comes as no surprises that cafes are available in almost every corner of the world and they offer a broad spectrum of services to suit their clients’ needs. The following are some of the notable benefits of cafes in the contemporary society today:

Benefits of cafes

Various beverage selections

The first notable benefits of cafes are that they provide a bevy of beverages from coffee, milkshakes, and healthy juices as well. Simply put, whatever beverage your prefer during your day to day activities you are more than likely to find it at the café and at some of the most affordable prices that are available on the consumer market. The added benefit is that most service providers has coherent menu whereby the customer can choose the food item that suits their unique needs at the time. Aside from the beverages, some of the prevalent service providers go as far as providing their clients with basic meals such as sandwiches and healthy beef burgers for their unique health and nutrition needs.

Several resources available

Moreover, another notable benefit of cafes is that they provide their clients with various resources as a way of improving their customer experience and to increase their company ethos as well. In particular, some of the services that you are likely to come across include Wi-fi services, whereby the user can catch up with their online activities while enjoying their meal or perhaps a beverage as well. While some cafes may require client to at leas purchase an food item or beverage, the wi fi services are often for free and for as long as the café is in working hours.

Convenient social and business location

The café is by far one the bet locations for meeting with new acquaintances and completing your business negotiations and contracts. The facilities that are often available at the location are designed to not only provide comfort but also to ensure some level of professionalism as well. Further lending to this fact is that people from all walks of the professional world are often found at the café looking for their daily fix of coffee to increase focus and productivity levels at work. As a result, the cafes instantly become a worthwhile location for organizing small meetups and completing business meeting as well.


Given all these points, when it comes to some of the best contemporary locations for organizing meetups, purchasing your favorite beverages or perhaps engaging in a business meeting, the café is an excellent solution for you to consider at such a point in time. Besides that, they also provide their clients with additional services such as free wifi that makes it an even more appealing solution. Click here to Contact.